Monday, May 4, 2009

The DJ Search is OVER!

After four consultations with DJ's throughout RI, we finally found THE ONE! I am so excited because by the time we went on our drive to the fourth person, I was starting to think we would never find the perfect DJ, but we did.

We met with Larry from Engagements D.J. Entertainment, out of East Greenwich, RI. He was absolutely perfect for us. We are looking for someone who is low key, has experience, will work with us on the playlist, has a great personality and who has decent prices. He has the whole package. He will even play the Cha Cha Slide! Which I never thought would be an issue, until a consultation with another DJ.

We had met with four DJ's total, the most vendors we had met with for anything. I kow four isn't too many, I think 3-4 is a good number, we thought we would need more visits before making a decision, since the last three didn't work out too well. For a couple of the other vendors, we just knew.....

Venue- 1 meeting
Photographer- 1 meeting
Videographer- 3 meetings
DJ- 4 meetings
I was starting to think we would need to do more!

DJ # 1 had a lot of pros, I thought he had a nice style, experience, personal touches, but a little pricey. He never responded to a follow up e-mail I sent post meeting to thank him for meeting with us. I was a little turned off by that, I don't know why, I know he isn;t required to respond, but I like working with vendors who really like us and want to work with us to, and I felt liek the lack of reponse made it seem like he didn't feel the same way, although the meeting went great.

DJ # 2 unfortunately there wasn't anything we liked. The meeting was a nightmare and total waste of both of our time. I felt bad for the guy, he didn't have a chance with us, and I should have known how to communicate this with him earlier in our meeting.

DJ # 3 had a lot of pros, I REALLY liked him. He had everything going for him, buttttttt he would not play the Cha Cha Slide, and I couldn't get past that.

DJ # 4 was THE ONE. We went in with doubts, as he was recommended by the same person who recommended DJ # 2. I actually almost cancelled the appointment! We decided to give him a shot, after not being fully on board with the others. I am so glad we did! He is someone we just felt a connection with and after an hour meeting, I really feel liek we can trust him to do an excellent job of keeping our guests entertained and making the reception run smoothly. He has a lot of experience with our venue, and had wonderful thinsg to say about working with our coordinator in the past. He also has worked with our other vendors on numerous occasions, so I feel like they all have realtionships and will work really well together.

I am so relieved that we found him. Did you have trouble finding a specific vendor? Did you have to meet with a lot of vendors before finding THE ONE? How many?