Saturday, August 15, 2009

Delivery Time

Has anyone else used for flowers? They are pretty awesome. I had considered a couple other sites, but ultimately felt comfortable using Costco since I've used them for all my other bulk purchasing needs in life (anyone else Scrapbook? If you use lots of glue sticks, Costco's bulk packs are amazing!). I have also purchased flowers in the Costco stores before and I've always been happy with the purchases. The only draw back is you have to be a member.

Yesterday the flowers came in and not quite how I expected. Newport Mom and Mr. Newport were both home on Friday, which we planned so they could work together and take care of the 100 roses we ordered. We thought it would be a huge ordeal.
Here's Newport dog a.k.a. Sky, or Sky pup, Luke Skywalker, Skyler, Sky sky Cutie pie, you( get the picture) guarding the flowers.

And here is how the flowers arrived, I bet you weren't expecting this box when I said we were getting a 100 flower delivery, yup, I wasn't either. Apparently Mr. Newport and Newport mom weren't either because they took a ton of photos so I would be able to see it and share it all with you.
Looks like they were handled with care.
The quality was good. They recommend having the flowers delivered two days before the event, to allow the flowers time to open up. So a Friday delivery was perfect timing.
Here they are after lots of unwrapping and triming. If you order flowers in bulk, Newport mom recommends having scissors and plenty of buckets filled with water ready. We also picked up 10 Hydrangea bunches from the Boston Flower Exchange.
I can't wait to share what we did with them! stay tuned!
Have you ordered flowers online before? Was it a positive experience? Which website did you go to?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

DIY Table Cards

The table cards were one of the easiest DIY projects related to the shower, but I love how they turned out. After lots of embossing, it was nice to do a quick project with good results, (embossing is awesome, but takes a lot of patience!)

To start the project, I gathered the supplies:
The photos were the real inspiration for this project. I wanted to include some elements from the film, but I also didn't want to go over the top, and I still wanted to stick with the color scheme, which has evolved. I found classic shots from the movie as the base of the table cards.I then purchased A7 Flast cream cardstock from PaperSource. I wanted some type of backing for the photo. So I glued the photos to these, to give an out line to the photos.I happend to have tons of remarks "Sarah Script" Letter/Number stickers left from all of my scrapbooking. I used the numbers from the extra sheets I had to mark each Table Card's number.
Then, to add a special sparkle, I used some rhinestone adhesives I had originally bought for my engagement party scrapbook pages, but never used.And after a little gluing and sticking, I came up with these.....
All the table numbers:

What's the easiest DIY project you've worked on?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A down payment on a dress????

When I first went dress shopping, I found a dress I loved and put down a "down payment". I was so excited, as soon as we left the store, I sent Mr. Newport a text (he was at work). My text said something like: "I found the dress! I put a down payment on it!". Shortly after, Mr. Newport called extremely stressed out......

He wanted to know what I meant by down payment, so I said "you know like a deposit?", confused as to why he sounded so stressed. As soon as I said deposit a sigh of relief came. I was so confused. Apparently there is a difference between a deposit and a down payment. He assumed I was financing the dress, which means it is expensive and not in our budget. He was extremely relieved to hear the dress was in our budget and I was not going into debt to finance a dress!

Has anyone else stressed out their fi by using the wrong terminology during the planning phase?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Envelope Liner How-to

I had never heard of envelope liners, until I started reading Weddingbee. I have seen many Bee's make there own and I have to say, I'm in love. I think they are so fun, it's like a little added surprise when you open the mail. When I decided to make Sister Newport's thank you cards, I really wanted to make them special by including enevelope liners.

It was my first time making them and I'm so happy with the result!

Here are the steps to making them:

Step 1: Trace paper using a template from the Paper Source envelope liner template kit. You can make your own, but I liked that this was easier.

Step 2: Cut out the liner.

Step 3: Emboss the liner (This can be done before or after cutting out the liner, I found it easier this way). *See directions here on embossing. * This step isn't necessary if you have a fun printed paper, but I really wanted to have the embossed paper to add a little something extra.

Step 4: Affix liner to envelope. I used gluesticks, but you could also use double sided tape.
And that's how it's done! What do you think? Have you made your own envelope liners before? Do you think it's worth the time spent making them?