Saturday, August 15, 2009

Delivery Time

Has anyone else used for flowers? They are pretty awesome. I had considered a couple other sites, but ultimately felt comfortable using Costco since I've used them for all my other bulk purchasing needs in life (anyone else Scrapbook? If you use lots of glue sticks, Costco's bulk packs are amazing!). I have also purchased flowers in the Costco stores before and I've always been happy with the purchases. The only draw back is you have to be a member.

Yesterday the flowers came in and not quite how I expected. Newport Mom and Mr. Newport were both home on Friday, which we planned so they could work together and take care of the 100 roses we ordered. We thought it would be a huge ordeal.
Here's Newport dog a.k.a. Sky, or Sky pup, Luke Skywalker, Skyler, Sky sky Cutie pie, you( get the picture) guarding the flowers.

And here is how the flowers arrived, I bet you weren't expecting this box when I said we were getting a 100 flower delivery, yup, I wasn't either. Apparently Mr. Newport and Newport mom weren't either because they took a ton of photos so I would be able to see it and share it all with you.
Looks like they were handled with care.
The quality was good. They recommend having the flowers delivered two days before the event, to allow the flowers time to open up. So a Friday delivery was perfect timing.
Here they are after lots of unwrapping and triming. If you order flowers in bulk, Newport mom recommends having scissors and plenty of buckets filled with water ready. We also picked up 10 Hydrangea bunches from the Boston Flower Exchange.
I can't wait to share what we did with them! stay tuned!
Have you ordered flowers online before? Was it a positive experience? Which website did you go to?


Margot said...

Boston Flower exchange? OoOoh... tell me more. Were you able to just walk in?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the final product! It sounds like it was a lot of work! Good luck!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

Hi, just found your blog. You have the cutest dog and I love Costco's flower selection, too! It's good to know that they look just as beautiful when you order themm in bulk.

Nicole-Lynn said...

So pretty. I've always wondered about their quality. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with them!

Carly said...

The flowers look beautiful!! I love Costco - I always spend waaay too much money when I'm there. They also have a great photo department. Whenever I need prints I go there :)

Newport Nuptials said...

@ Margot, the building I work at actually has their own florists and they picked the flowers up for us from the Boston Flower Exchange, so I didn't work with them directly. I'm not sure if you can walk in or not, I think you may need to be a legitimate florist.

@ Carly, I always spend way too much too! I think I'm getting bargains so I add things to my cart and end up with just a few items and a $100 bill.

Margot said...

::oh sigh:: that's what I thought. I so want to get a peek inside one day!

Newport Nuptials said...

Me too Margot! The florists in our building come back every week with new unique and beautiful flowers, I'd love to go myself!