Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alma Mater Photos

Shooting at Salve was a blast! Part of me has worried that we are over-obsessing with Newport when it comes to the wedding (it's where we met, we got engaged, where our engagement shoot was, and where the wedding and thus all wedding photos will be), so for about a minute I questioned why do it in Newport, well actually my sister quesitoned it. I briefly thought maybe I could do it somewhere else, but I couldn't think of one place I'd rather do it than Newport.

I am so glad we stuck with Newport. It truly was like a walk down memory lane. We started at The Salve gate that leads to the admissions building, then we walked through different areas of the campus.
Including outside Hunt Hall, our freshman dorm, where we met! We showed our Salve pride by sporting our Salve t-shirts for a portion of the shoot.
The shot above was included in our least favorite shot list, not because of our photographer, I just hate jeans and felt a little uncomfortable and Mr. Newport wasn't a huge fan of his outfit choice either, oh well, go Seahwaks!

This is our photographer, Dave's favorite shot: (I love it too!)
I really wanted to incorporate the "There's no place like Salve" sign, but I didn't really know how, so Dave came up with this cool shot!

Mr. Newport came up with this shot idea, which he is super proud of. He is actually way more creative than me when it comes to photos, which baffles me because I spend hours obsessing over photo blogs, but put me in front of a camera and I'm like a deer in headlights. I could hardly remember the key shots I wanted. He'd just walk around and point to something and say, that would make a cool shot, and it pretty much always is!
How gorgeous is Salve's campus? I miss it so much! Oh well, there's always reunions and wedding planning dates to get back there.....

Did/Does your engagement shoot location hold special meaning to you? Was/Is it the same location or similar to your wedding day location?

All photos credited to: David Bibeault


Shell said...

what fab pictures! we have an engagement shoot coming up in september, and i have no idea where we'll take photos. i like the idea of taking them in a meaningful place, like your alma mater! i'll have to start thinking about this... :)

My Dream Ring said...

Gorgeous pics!! Love the sillouette ones, very nice!

Anonymous said...

The sillouete shots are fabulous!
and I love the last one too!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw they turned out great! I love that you're college sweethearts :) Thanks for sharing!

Nat said...

The pictures turned our great! That campus is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen!