Friday, October 9, 2009

The Venue Search...or lack thereof

Exactly one year ago today, we decided on our venue, The Atlantic Beach Club. Mr. Newport and I knew pretty early on that we had found "the one", and I'm not talking about the venue at this point, I'm talking about each other. We met our freshman year and fell in love, not quite so easily, but when it hit, it hit hard. I just knew he was it.

Mr. Newport was the first boy I ever went on a date with, my first boyfriend, my first everything. Some people need to search further and know for sure that something is right, but when I truly love something or someone, I just know.

When we seriously started planning our wedding, I knew our alma mater had to be involved. I was devastated when I heard our college chapel held a maximum of 150 guests (which funny enough, they recently started building a new chapel, set to open fall 2010 that will fit our guest list). That's when I decided to be creative in including our alma mater. If we can't get married there, at least we'll be viewing it from afar.
The day after Mr. Newport proposed, we went to the Atlantic Beach Club. It was our first and only venue visit. We had frequented the ABC many times during our four years in college, having lived on the same road our junior year (our first apartment together!). I had always been fond of the location, but never dreamt of how beautiful the ballroom would be. The entire upstairs is a large ballroom over looking the ocean and our alma mater. I came in hoping it would be decent enough to consider as an option for our venue, but as soon as we walked in that ballroom overlooking the campus where we met and fell in love, we both just knew. That was it. The first place we looked was our last.

How many places did you have to view before finding "the one"?


Anonymous said...

More than I care to remember :)
BUT one of my friends is getting hitched at the ABC this summer!

honey my heart said...

what a beautiful location! love how the light comes into the room in the last photo. we knew our ceremony venue right away, but did more researching to find our reception venue.