Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Engagement Shoot

We scheduled our engagement shoot for May, after we had gotten engaged. We wanted to take pictures at our alma mater, so we decided to do it after commencement, but before tourist season. That left us with few date options.

For some reason I thought our shoot had unlimited time, but it is actually only an hour. I should have known better! So, I needed to narrow down the locations for the shoot. We are using the pictures for our Save the Dates and our wedding website, and mayeb a few other various projects. We wanted variety in locations, poses and outfits.
The Hotel area/Starting point-

We decided to create a plan:

Meet photographer on the wharf, where our hotel room is located. Take a few shots on the pier, head to Thames/downtown area, move to Salve (our alma mater)/The Cliffwalk, move to Third Beach and then depending on how we are feeling....Ocean Drive

Must have location shots:
* Take a picture on the balcony
* Take a picture on the pier
* Coffe shop shot
* Newport Wave
* Anywhere on Thames Street
* Ochre Court/Salve arches
* Hunt Hall (our freshman dorm, where we met)
* The Cliffwalk, Love is Life tunnel
* The Cliffwalk, Forty Steps
* Third Beach, various shots

Then for must have shots, not related to location:
* Holding Hands
* "The gaze", (When you stare into each others eyes), it is my dad's favorite, he always does it!
* Swinging around, Mr. Newport did this right after he proposed on the beach, so we will recreate that moment
* Save the Date, written in the sand
* Laughing picture, I don't want a fake laugh, but I love when photographers capture a really happy real laugh- since I'm hoping for it, I'll probably realize I'm laughing and ruin it!

Did anyone else plan out their engagement shoot?


Adrienne said...

I can't believe you only get one hour...bummer. I too have multiple locations and outfits lined up, so I don't think you are a bridezilla. :)

jessica lynn said...

only an hour! girl you have got your work cut out for you!! :) try to e-mail your must have shots/locations to your photog so that she knows you gotta MOVE it and work it during your hour together! :)

Newport Nuptials said...

I thought that was very little time! It makes me happy to know I'm not crazy and that is short! He charges $75.00 per each extra hour, which travel is included in the hour.

My Dream Ring said...

That not bridezilla behavior at all. I want to have the same. Outfit changes and different locations. I think you got everything on your list. Sounds like it will be a fun-filled day!

Katie said...

not to scare you or anything but we had 2.5 hours and barely got two locations in (and I would've liked a lot moer shots, but fi made a dinner date with friends and we couldn't miss it!)

Make sure you limit your photo musts to just a few so you aren't dissapointed if they lokoed rushed or you can't squeeze them all in.

Good luck!

katie said...

wow, 1 hour? We were out there for 2 1/2 hours... My advice is to just let the photographer do their thing... they really know what looks good and what shots work. Also, tell them what your good side is, any awkward parts of your body you don't want emphasized, and so on... they will turn out how YOU want them!

And its okay to be a Bridezilla!!

TJLoop85 said...

ha...you are not a bridezilla you just know what you want!

The wedding pictures are going to be a great addition to your save the date cards and wedding website.

I hope you have a great wedding.