Saturday, March 7, 2009

5 years of Daffodils and Cactus

Last week we celebrated 5 years by seeing, "He's just not that into you" and going out to dinner. I gave Mr. Newport his scrapbook and I think he liked it a lot. He was smiling and laughing while he read it. We didn't have the best start in our relationship, so it is funny to look back on our beginning.

In the scrapbook, I made a list of my top 10 memories with him. One being getting daffodils our freshman year when he came home late from parties. We lived in the same dorm and he would show up late at night or the next morning to my room with a daffodil he picked on his way home to let me know he was thinking of me.

The first time I got one from him I was taken by surprise, because it isn't a common flower to give. but they happen to be my favorite. My father always grew them in the front of our house and it makes me think of our neighborhood. After Mr. Newport gave it to me, I realized they are grown all over Newport. Which made me love Newport even more.

One of my other favorites on the top 10, was the time Mr. Newport gave me a cactus. I was having a really bad semester. I was having roomate troubles and was really stressed out. He showed up to my room one day with a cactus. He told me he wanted to get a cactus because everyone gets flowers and he wanted to get me something special. They also last longer, so it could give me lots more smiles than a bouquet of flowers. We even named it! One of our first dates, we watched "How to lose a guy in ten days", which prompted us to call the cactus, "Our love Cactus". We had the cactus for almost three years, until it died the week he proposed. It made me kind of sad.

So I was super happy when he came home from work last Friday with a bouquet of Daffodils and a new catcus. He also got me a Happy 5th Birthday card, to which I said it's not my birthday, but he said its the birthday of us. He always makes me smile, which is one of my favotire things about him.
His presents were probably the best he has ever given me. I tend to be more sentimental than materialistic. Now that we are saving for the wedding and our future, it forced us both to be creative about our presents for each other. Typically, we go on vacation for our anniversary, or I would get him tickets to a hockey game with really great seats and he gets me jewelry. Then we go out for a fancy dinner. I was really happy with the thought behind his gifts, it makes me smile that the little things that mean a lot to me, mean a lot to him too.
Has wedding planning or finances caused you to be more creative? What are some of your favorite sentimental gifts?


KLC said...

What a sweet guy! The 5th bday card is adorable. Glad you had a great "birthday" together!!

jane in the waiting line said...

what a great fiance you have there! the birthday card i so sweet and creative!

LauraAnn said...

Awe! That was so sweet and creative! I love it!