Monday, March 16, 2009

The Story of Us- Part One

On our fifth anniversary, Mr. Newport finally got a scrapbook, entitled, "The Story of Us". I have saved a lot of momentos over the years, but somehow this scrapbook ended up being really wordy. I tend to make scrapbooks with lots of visuals, but when making this one, I somehow had lots of stories. Which makes the title even more appropriate. I like doing title pages. I think they set the tone of the book. in my early scrapping years, I used to just dive in, but lately, I tend to be more thoughtful about how I set them up. I really want books that tell a story, while sharing favorite memories.

I made this title page super simple. I bought a pad of 8x8 pages in plain colors. I used one of my favorite pictures. I wanted it to be recent. This was taken over the summer at a friends wedding. Then using stickers, I wrote out the title and our names. I added a couple pink hearts to add a little something extra!

This page was another easy one. When creating our wedding website, I asked Mr. Newport to write "Our Story" from his perspective. I thne wrote mine, so when i came up with te idea for the scrapbook, I thought these would be perfect as the intro. pages! I don't like using regular printer paper in scrapbooks, because they discolor easy and aren't too sturdy. I used photo paper that we had lieing around. It gives a bit of a glossy look. You just have to make sure that you edit settings before printing so it comes out right. I always make sure to mark to use high quality and that I am using photo paper, otherwise the quality is really bad.

I added Mr. Newport's story to a piece of glitter 8x8 paper for the background. I used white card stock as a header and used alphabet stickers for the title. I then cut out a picture of our freshman dorm sign to add as a little embellishment. One of the cheapest scrapbook pages ever! Not too many supplies used!

I like using old momentos, I typically add ticket stubs, airplane tickets, cards, maps, flyers, or anything I can get my hands on to make the memory stand out a little more. For this scrapbook, my favorite momentos happend to be AIM conversations. I am so glad I saved them for all these years. Mr. Newport happend to ask me out for the first time via AIM on Halloween!

This page has teh same format as the others. I used photo paper to print out our conversation and added halloween embellishments I had left over from card making.
This page showcases the story of our first date. It was at Ben & Jerry's, which explains the ice cream embllishments.

This page has the lyrics from songs we used to leave as away messages for each other. We didn't hit it off right away, so our dorky selves left away messages as subliminal (not really) messages for the other one.

All supplies were purchased from A.C. Moore. I like A.C. Moore because if you go to their website, you can get a coupon between 40%-50% off one item each week. Sometimes teh ydo special coupons off your whole purchase, but I know for sure I can get a large discount off at least one item everytime I go. Scrapbooking supplies aren't cheap, so I love A.C. Moore for thei coupons and many sales.

Do you scrapbook? Where do you get your supplies?


Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

love it! I have many pics & mementos, i just have to start scrapbooking!

The Cape House said...

That is very creative and I'm sure you will enjoy having that years from now! I love to browse the scrapbook racks at Michael's. All those embellishments...I daydream about what I could create if I had the time (and talent).

Kilee said...

you are too cute...and so creative!

Great post!


LauraAnn said...

So creative! I am sure that your fiance will cherish that scrap book forever!

Seaside Prep said...

this is too cool. Just think someday, your grandkids will be reading this and marveling at all your adventures and creativity! What a wonderful keepsake! :)

Kiana said...

This turned out so cute. I'm sure he loved it. I scrapbook and get my supplies from all over the place. I lived in Tallahassee, FL for college and they had the BEST scrapbook store ever - huge and I totally miss it. Now it's Michael's and Walmart.

Nat said...

That is soo cute! I love it!!

I left you an award on my blog!

jlc said...

Awwww great post!!

Glad I found your blog!! You have a new reader here!!

AmyJean said...

I wish i had the creativeness to scrapbook. its something i've tried and just don't do well :( But i admire those who can ... Great job!