Friday, January 8, 2010

Mother of the Bride

When we first got engaged, we had a vision. We knew what we wanted our wedding to look like, the feelings we want to evoke, the stlye, the colors, the atmosphere. It was all planned out from the very beginning.

This led to an early planning craze. I was so focused on our vision, that if I found something that fit the vision, it was bought. This happend with the Mr. Newport's tie, Newport Mom's dress, oot bags, bridesmaid's gifts, just to name a few items. I was worried I wouldn't like these things by the time our wedding rolls around, mainly because our engagement will be about two years. A lot can happen in two years. But luckily, here we are, and we are still overly excited with our choices.

One of my favorite of the choices we've made is "the look" of our wedding. We want our wedding to represent us- simple. fun. casual. To get this vibe, we opted for the men in navy blazers and khaki pants, the girls will be in coktail dresses. Then came the mother of the bride dress.

I didn't want a typical mother of the bride dress, I wanted something again, that would evoke simple. fun. casual. I knew it had to be cocktail length, but classy. I am super specific about things, and I want my mom to feel gorgeous on our wedding day. Newport Mom's friends have had trouble in the past finding mother of the Bride dresses. So shortly after the engagment, I started looking casually. At the time, she was also looking for a mother of the bride dress for Sister Newport's wedding.

Then on a random trip to the Talbots website, I came across this dress. - yet still classy. It was perfect. I love that it coordinates with the wedding party look. Our colors are mainly navy and white, but since the groomsmen are wearing khaki, I think this outfit will coordinate perfectly.

Did your mother find a dress early on? Was she still happy with it by the time the wedding came?

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Jenny.Lee said...

Very classy! My friend's mother wore something very similar at her wedding and she looked amazing.