Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Save The Dates: Magnets

Mr. Newport hasn't had too many demands or even requests when it comes to the wedding, but he knew for sure he wanted magnets for our save the dates. I don't know what it is with guys, but it seems like it's always the guys who want the magnets. I've had guy friends come up to me so proud that they "found" this great wedding idea, and by found, I mean they received one from someone else's wedding. I think Mr. Newport found this idea on my brother's fridge.

I wanted an excuse to share our engagement pics, so I was all for the magnets. I was also super excited to use one of my favorite quotes from, When Harry Met Sally. Thus came my vision for our save the date magnets.
I was really excited about them. I showed them to Mr. Newport and Newport Mom. Newport Mom loved them, but Mr. Newport wanted to give a shot at his own creative side. He started playing around on Picasa and came up with a few of his own designs.

First came one of my favorites, we call it the Newport, and by we, I mean me. I love the sailboat and it gets across the destination and date pretty clearly. He then came up with the idea of "Get A Room", somewhat a play on words and pretty direct if you ask me. I thought it was funny and I called this my new favorite.
Then came the "Getting Closer" magnet. It lets guests know the date is gettig closer, after a two year engagement it's starting to get close with less than a year to go. I thought it was cool that he chose a blurred out photo, like hey it's getting closer, but we're not quite there. Again, it became a "favorite".His last design is called "Cold Feet". I think it's funny, since it's such a guy thing to think. Again, I had a "favorite". I had 5 "favorites", which were the only designs we had, and no clue how to choose. Which one do you think we went with? What's your favorite?

All photos credited to: David Bibeault


Aylee Bits said...

I love how creative you guys are with the text. They go well with the photos! I thought the "Get a room" was too funny.

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Love the first one and last one the best...very creative!!

quite contrary said...

wow...what great ideas! Cant wait to see what you go with!

penga said...

I like the picture in the first one the best! But I really, really like the "get a room" one, toooo funny!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I actually LOVE the first one as that's one of my favorite quotes as well! I also really love that picture of ya'll!
On the other hand the "Getting Closer" is adorable! Tough choice! :)

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Your guy is so creative! If it were me, I would choose about 3 faves and send them out to different people instead of just picking one. That's what my sister did for her STD's. I personally think the Get a Room one is brilliant and would totally go that route but maybe with the other picture with the sailboat in it. Which one did you choose?

Kiana said...

They're all nice, but my favorite is the 1st, the one you created - it's just so pretty and feel-good :)