Thursday, January 14, 2010

Room Block Tips

Room blocks were quite the adventure for us, as you can read in our experience here.

After lots of research on what to ask and what to beware of, then going through the experience, I felt like I should share my new found knowledge with someone!

When blocking rooms, it's really important to ask the right questions. Some hotels have hidden charges that you forget to ask about, then they show up on the bill.

  • Room Block set up fee- some hotels have an administrative fee for setting up the room block. We only came across one and it was $25.00. Two others waived this due to our reception site having a deal with the hotels.

  • Unused room fee- some hotels will charge you for rooms in a block ,that go unused/unbooked. We luckily did not run into this.

  • OOT guest bag fee- some hotels charge to either pass out or deliver oot bags to guest's rooms. I've heard this can be $2-$5 per bag. We again, luckily did not run into this.

Important Questions

  • How many rooms can be booked?
  • Can more rooms be booked in the future, if the original block is filled?
  • Is there a group discount rate?
  • What are the rates for different types of rooms?
  • Can you block our guests near each other?
  • If there is no group dicount rate, do you offer any other dicounts such as to Triple A members?
  • Is there a fee to set up a room block?
  • What happens if we do not fill all of the rooms we blocked? Is there a charge?
  • Is there a deadline for when rooms need to be booked by our guests?
  • Is there a minimum night stay requirement?
  • Does the room rate include breakfast?
  • How are Out of Town bags handled? Delivered to room or handed out at front desk?
  • Is there a charge for Out of Town bags?
  • Do you offer any specials for the bride and groom?

Did you have to set up room blocks for your guests? Do you have any additional tips or questiosn to share?


Genevieve said...

Thanks! Those are great tips!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Great tips! I can't believe some hotels charge to deliver OOT bags! Thank you! :)

Newport Nuptials said...

@ Nicole Lynn, when you have wedding attached to anything crazy charges come up. My brother in law started taking notes on all the crazy charges he found going through his wedding planning.