Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today I got a really exciting e-mail in my inbox. After attending the New England Food Show, BIL Newport sent me an e-mail saying:

"I was at the new england food show yesterday and saw something you guys might like for the wedding. It's a fortune cookie but it's a scallop shell. Very cool. They can be customized too. Chocolate dipped, custom color sugar, messages, etc. It's called shuckie. www.shuckie.com"

He even got us samples!

The cookies are pretty cool, after further investigation, aka, checking out their website, I learned that they have fun fortunes inside and on the back of each "quotie", they have a fact about fish. One of Mr. Newport's favorite hobbies is fishing! I love that they are nautical, unique, semi-local (out of Maine) and fun! I couldn't find pricing on the website, but I will be contacting the company to learn more. I'm really excited about BIL Newport's find for us.

Have any of your friends or family members found great wedding items or given you ideas?

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