Monday, March 1, 2010

Registering: the Fun Stuff

When we first registered, it was 22 months before our wedding. Our friends were throwing us an engagement party and we were told to set up a registry with a few options. We decided to start out with Crate and Barrel. At that point we had no home, and weren't sure what we actually needed or wanted. We liked the idea of adding a few small ticket decorative and entertaining items.

So why Crate and Barrel? It semed like a good starting point. They have great "price points" for an engagement party. This was kind of our "starter registry", before really having to think about the important things. This was a registry of wants, as the second registry will be filling the needs and will be much more practical.

Our Crate registry ended up with about 10 items on it for our engagement party. It's been over a year since we created it, and it's up to about 20 items and I'm pretty sure it will stay that way.

My favorite decorative item is Crate's Hutton Table Lamp. I think it will go perfect with our future bed set.

Mr. Newport's favorite is the Miranda Trifle Bowl. He's hoping I'll make him lots of chocolate trifle (or goop, as he calls it), in the years to come.

A few notes on crate's registry:
  • Crate offers a 10% completion bonus. After the wedding, you can save 10% on unfulfilled registry items, including furniture.
  • Crate offers a "Thank You Manager". Before you recieve the gift, you'll know who it's from. You'll also be able to keep track of who you've thanked.
  • Gift Registry Bonus gifts. Crate has special offers based on what you register for.
  • 30 day return policy.
  • Offer registry guide and check list.
  • Offer announcement cards.

Are you registering at more than one store? Do your registries have different vibes (practical, fun, decorative, etc.)?


Anonymous said...

Another good thing about registering at crate and barrel is that if you decide you want to also register at other stores later, you can use to import the crate and barrel registry so all of your gifts will be listed in one place. I just did this for my wedding registry and I like being able to find things at any store, but also let guests find stuff in the store too.

Newport Nuptials said...

Good to know! Thanks!