Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bridesmaid Surprise Savings

So recently, I updated letting you know, that the girls had found their dresses. What I forgot to mention was the fact that right before we placed the order, we got a great surprise....

Sister Newport and Bridesmaid L (in one of my favorite dresses)

Our bridesmaid consultant at Flair called to get the last bridesmaid's measurements and surprised me by saying the fabric I chose was being discontinued. Normally this could be a bad thing, but she said we will have enough time to get the dresses ordered, and they will now be at an even bigger discount!

I'm more excited that my bridesmaids are saving money than if my own dress were getting a discount! I feel guilty having my friends spend so much money on me, so it was awesome to get a surprise savings.

Did you have any great surprises with cost savings during your planning?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice surprise! :)

Snowy said...

There's this really beautiful hall in our area that is known to be quite pricey. I'm planning a January wedding so my mother figured she'd call this hall anyway, just to get a price. Lo and behold, this hall gave us a better price than the other places we were looking, simply because it was a January wedding!