Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dancing with Dad

I've been searching for awhile for the perfect father daughter dance song.

I love Cinderella, by Steven Curtis Chapman. It's a really sweet song about a Dad who's little girl is growing up. The song kind of emphasizes living in the moment and sharing one special last dance.

Rascall Flat's My Wish For You is another favorite. I recently fell in love with country music and want to include a bit at the wedding. It's such a perfect song forr either the father-daughter or mother son dance. It is about the wishes a parent has for their child (actually it isn't technically for parents, but that's the what I think when I hear it) . I think the lyrics are so perfect. FMIL Starfish thought so too. She told me that she was thinking of using it for the Mother-Son dance. Which is pretty awesome because I love this song and it's perfect because my future in-laws introduced me to my love for country music during our last vacation together.

My new love for Country led also led me to Tim McGraw's My Little Girl. It's a really sweet song about a father remembering special moments with his daugther, while trying to let go. Kind of perfect for a wedding!

And surprise, surprise, going with the country theme...I fell in love with Heartland's I Loved Her First. I feel like this is the ultimate father-daughter dance song. I've heard it at multiple weddings and it always gets me al ittle teary eyed. This probably would have been my first choice, but Sister Starfish danced with our dad to it last year at her wedding. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if I used it again, but I want to have my own special song to dance with Father Starfish to.

Lastly, I recently heard Edwin McCain's Walk With You. If you haven't heard it yet, you should check it out. It's about a father walking his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day. It's possibly my new favorite.

I've been debating which song to choose, and then I realized I should let Starfish Dad choose. I'm planning to make him a CD with my top songs and let him choose.

What song did you pick for your father daughter dance? Any amazing ones I'm missing on my list?


Jenny.Lee said...

This is a tough one. I like all of them but I think the Edwin McCain song is my fav.

PMerr said...

i'm thinking of using Cinderella! I think we're giong to do my wish as our mother son dance.

xoxo, C said...

I danced with my dad to Cinderella - I think every one of our guests was crying.

Snowy said...

thanks for sharing the new Edwin McCain was really sweet! We're actually using Cinderella...I haven't heard it played at any weddings yet so I'm sure it will make everyone cry