Tuesday, April 20, 2010

See you at the Alter

Every blog I read seems to have a first look now. And they always end up with amazingly cute photos. There are some big advantages to seeing each other pre-ceremony. I started considering the advantages and came up with a few.

1. More intimate moment. Seeing each other for the first time without a crowd of people.
2. Relieve my nerves. Mr. Newport calms me down and I feel like pre-ceremony, I'll be a mess. Seeing him pre-cermeony would probably make me feel more relaxed.
3. More time for photos.
4. Elongate the wedding fun with each other. Sister and BIL Newport got ready in the same location, it was a fun morning.

All photos from the Snap! photography blog

So there really are some great reasons to do a "first look" pre-ceremony. The pictures above were good enough reason alone to do it. But inspite of these great advantages, we are opting to skip the "first look".

Why? I'd really love to spend the morning taking photos complete with a photo shoot like Sister and BIL Newport, but I'm really looking forward to walking down the aisle and seeing Mr. Newport for the first time that day. He is too.

It's like in 27 Dresses, how Jane's favorite part is watching the groom's face as the bride walks down the aisle. Everyone's eyes are on the bride, but she likes to watch the groom's reaction to the bride. I honestly always look at the bride, but for our wedding I'd love to see Mr. Newport's face for the first time, as the excitement builds up, as I take my last walk as a single girl.

Are you doing a first look? What was the deciding factor?


nicoliolihpf said...

I feel exactly the same way. I considered the first look because I want to have a lot of time for pictures, especially "just us" pictures, and I'm only planning on hiring a pro for the ceremony and cocktail hour, so we're definitely going to be pressed for time. But I REALLY want to see Daniel's face when he sees me in my regalia, and I want that moment to be part of the actual wedding (especially since he's already seen me in a wedding dress). A big part of why I want to have that moment is that the wedding is not going to be a big deal for us relationshipwise. Almost nothing will change between when we're actually married. I mean, we've already been living together for years, and we'll see each other the day of and all that. So I really want to have one moment that makes the wedding a special thing between the two of us.

Sara said...

We are doing a first look because of the photos of "Just Us". Our photographer has a very intimate style to begin with and I already know the first look photos will be some of my favorite ones from the day. I feel like the busy hurry of the day will push us along. I want the time before to be quiet. Touch, feel, and hold my best friend. Another plus- more time at cocktail hour!

amber said...

I agree, I really want him to see me in my dress for the first time down the aisle. I want him to feel happy and excited as we're starting the ceremony, not beforehand.

Also, I'd feel like photos of us before the wedding would be kind of phony. We'd LOOK married, but not actually BE married. I want my photos to document the looks on our faces when it's really official, not an hour before.

Snowy said...

We're skipping the first look too. As much as seeing my fiance's face would calm me down, I think I'm going to enjoy the anticipation of waiting to see him.

Plus, I am a little superstitious :)