Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Disappointments & Silver Linings

The biggest disappointment during our wedding planning is something I'm still trying to get over. If you've been following along, you may remember Mr. Newport and I met in college. I knew early on he was the one and envisioned getting married at our school's chapel, Ochre Court. Ochre Court is the most significant mansion on the school's campus and hosts not only the chapel, but also many of the school's events. It's where Mr. Newport and I had our first dance and many other amazing memories during our four years of school. I knew it would be the place I said I do. At least I thought I did.

Prior to proposing, Mr. Newport looked into the requirements of getting married at the chapel. On top of being too pricey for us, they also maxed out at 150 guests. At that time we assumed our wedding would be 300-we've now gotten it down to a little under 200. But we knew it was not do-able. We tried to come up with different options, like having a smaller ceremony, but we didn't like excluding anyone. I was really disappointed and I'm still not over it. I keep wishing some way we could get everyone to fit, but even if we could they only have ceremonies when school is not in session, so that limits it to pretty much summer and winter break and smaller breaks inbetween. So at this point everything is booked and on a date that is during the school session, so it's a definite no.

Since we can't get married there, we decided to do our formal photos on campus. I was hoping to do them on the lawn behind Ochre Court. Then I saw a wedding with a photo session at Ochre Court on the Faith Dugan Photography blog. I knew we could take photos on the lawn, but I didn't know it was an option to take photos inside Ochre, as well.

I was so excited to see Faith's post. I've been so disappointed about not having our wedding there, but now I know we can at least take our photos on campus. It isn't quite the same, but when I thought about it, this may actually be better. If we had the ceremony there it would be a bit more awkward to have our photos taken there after the ceremony, since all of our guests would be around. I'm a bit camera shy and having a huge audience would not help. Now we can leave the church and head over and get amazing shots like this couple.

Here are photos of the couple inside Ochre Court. I think they are absolutely stunning!
This is where our college hosts the "snoball" semi-formal dance, which is where Mr. Newport and I had our first dance. The stairs actually lead to the admissions and alumni offices.
We also went to the Halloween dance and senior cocktail here. So many great memories within these walls.
Then outside of Ochre Court is a gorgeous lawn right on the Cliffwalk overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. I love the amazing photos Faith captures of this couple. I can't wait to see what our photographer will do!I'm in love with the wedding party shots, it's such a great location for both shots of us as a couple and larger group shots. These photos make me so happy, when I'm feeling down about not getting married at Ochre, I know I can turn to these photos to cheer me up.

Did you have any major disappoitnments during planning? Did you find a silver lining?


Short, Sweet, and Petite said...

Those photos are exquisite and I sympathize with you that your wedding won't be in Ochre (go figure that the new chapel is almost complete). I always enjoy seeing couples' photo shoots out on the lawn or inside when I'm walking up to the business office.

Regardless, you seem very prepared with all the other details of the wedding so far and I am looking forward to your future posts! Good luck with everything!

Ghenet said...

Pretty! My fiance and I also met in college and if we were getting married in that area, I would have loved to take photos at our alma mater. It's nice that you'll be able to get some shots in place where it all began for you two!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw, sorry about that! I'm glad you can go there to take pictures though :)

We are trying to get sponsored to have our wedding at our venue... it's been such a headache! I'll be sure to post about it sometime. I'm hoping there's a silver lining SOON :)

amber said...

I can totally relate. I found a vacation home I wanted to rent. It is AMAZING, with a lake, manicured lawn and garden, fireplaces, leaded glass windows, balconies, gazebo, everything. When I contacted the owner she said she's selling it :( I haven't found anything I'm as excited about.

I know it's different because I didn't have a history with the place like you do with the chapel, but I'm still disappointed and worried I won't find anything that compares.

My college campus would be really pretty, now that I think about it, but it was sold too. Really not the same anymore (they don't maintain the grounds as nicely.) Oh well. I'm glad you thought of having your photos there, that's a good idea :)

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