Sunday, May 2, 2010

The First Dance

When we first talked about our first dance song, we couldn't figure out what to pick. We never really had a song. With no official song, choosing our first dance song hasn't been easy.

I started looking up lists of wedding songs for everything from cocktail music to entrance options. While searching for father-daughter options, I came across the Beatles "In My Life". I had heard it many times before, but as I was reading the lyrics, it didn't remind me of my father, but it reminded me of Mr. Newport. It even ends with our favorite phrase "I love you more".

I loved it. I actually had a friend tell me the song reminded her of Me and Mr. Newport at another wedding. I'm not sure why, but it confirmed my thoughts of it as the perfect song for us. I told Mr. Newport about my new option and he really liked it, too. I thought we chose our song.

A few months later, we were driving somewhere and Mr. Newport put in his Phish CD. The song "Waste" came on and I told him it always reminds me of him because he used to leave lyrics from the song in his away messages in college. He used to put in the lyrics in reference to me. Mr. Newport asked what I thought of it for a first dance song.

I told Newport Mom about the possibility and she couldn't believe I would want song called "Waste" played at the wedding, let alone as our first dance. Then I had her listen to it, and she changed her mind and thought it was a great option.

So we have a decision to make. Go with a more traditional choice or a less traditional choice. It's hard because we really like both options. I think it will come down to the song we like dancing to better. We'll have to do a little trial.

Do you have an "official song"? Did you use it for your first dance, or go with something completely different?

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice! I haven't heard that song, I'll look it up. We have a couple songs we call 'our songs' but they aren't really first dance appropriate. We are having a hard time figuring out which one to use...