Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thanking the Girls

I LOVE tea. My friends and I have gone out to tea many times, just for fun. It would seem the obvious choice, to bring my bridesmaids out for a bridesmaid tea. Easy enough choice, I always knew this would be the case.

But then I started thinking things through, due to my love of tea, my Massachusetts shower will be a tea party. I didn't really put two and two together, but since we're already doing a tea, it seems repetitive to do two teas during the bridal events. Not that I wouldn't enjoy it, but I also started considering timing. One of my bridesmaids lives in New York, she was also a bridesmaid for Sister Newport and couldn't make it for her bridesmaid tea. I want her to be included, but understand she can't come home for every event. So I decided to make the bridesmaid event during the wedding weekend, so everyone can attend. The only day I'll have all my bridesmaids there is the day before the wedding. We have the rehearsal that night, so an afternoon tea wouldn't make much sense anyways.

I decided to make the day before a true girls day. These girls are amazing. They've thrown us an amazing engagement party, they are all helping to host my MA shower, throwing a bachelorette party, and are all spending a good amount of money on the dress, shoes and accomodations. Plus they are all just awesome friends in general.

I want to do something to really thank them for everything they are doing for us. I looked around at different locations and decided to go with the Castle Hill Inn for the bridesmaid luncheon. It is a beautiful inn overlooking the Newport bridge and the Naragansett Bay. After lunch, we'll head to a salon in Newport to get our nails done. Then spend some time relaxing at the hotel together before the rehearsal. I'm excited that the day before the wedding will be a fun filled relaxing day with my girls. Mr. Newport hasn't planned anything yet, but I'm sure he and the guys will plan a fun day as well.

Are you doing anything special to thank your bridal party?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh how nice! They will definetly enjoy that! I'm planning a brunch the day of our wedding.

Sara said...

I think that sounds wonderful! So many of my girls have to work Friday and will be coming in right before the rehearsal starts that we won't be able to do anything the day before. The morning of the wedding, I am planning a brunch & paying for them all the get hair and makeup done.