Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gifts for the Groom

On our way to the New Jersey shower Mr. Newport kept referring to all of the presents as "yours", meaning me. "I don't have to open presents, their all for you". Which is kind of true since it is a bridal shower, but I figured they are both of ours because they are building our home together and we both picked them out. Well he still didn't buy it and called them "your gifts".

So even though he referred to all the gifts as mine, he said he bets at least one person at the shower would give him his own gift. Since it's his family, I figured some of the gifts would be geared towards him, but never saw a gift presented just to the groom.

So it was pretty funny when we walked in and his childhood friend, whose pretty much like family handed him a blue bag just for him. He opened it up and it was a photo of the two of them on his father's boat when they were little. It was really cute and it made Mr. Newport's day.
I've never even thought to get the groom a gift, but I think I might do this in the future. It made Mr. Starfish pretty happy!

Did your groom get any gifts just for him at the bridal shower? Would you give a gift to just the groom?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Aw that is sweet! We have given our friend a bbq grilling set and his now wife something off the registry. He really liked our gift and we think it made him feel special too.

Nicole-Lynn said...

I don't have your email but I wanted to share these beer labels for you if you were intersted in using them for something wedding related :) Have a great 4th!

Anonymous said...