Monday, September 20, 2010

Banding Together

Our wedding bands are in! I was a little antsy waiting for mine becuase when I went to try on the matching band to my engagement ring they didn't have it in stock. I tried on two other bands, which were basically the same, but one was a bit thinner, the other a bit thicker. The sales associate told me the third option would be just right, but not having tried it on, I was a bit worried. But now it's here and the sales associate was right, it's perfect! I love that it looks just as beautiful on it's own , as it does with the engagement ring.

After picking them up we decided to engrave our rings. At first we were going to surprise each other. But, we both knew what the other one would choose because we both came up with the same idea.

I knew for sure I wanted to engrave "I love you more" on Mr. Newport's band, but as soon as I thought of it, I knew he did, too. It was what he said during his proposal, what we say when we hang up the phone, and it's a line in our first dance song. So instead of surprising each other we decided to both engrave it on each others bands- since it was pretty obvious anyways.
Did you or your fiance engrave your rings? What do they say?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Aww I love that! Very nice! My fiance and I will probably engrave, "One Love" on ours.

Bride2B said...

Where did you get your husbands ring? I'm pretty sure my fiance would love something exactly like that.