Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stylish Groomsmen

The detail Mr. Newport is the most excited about for our wedding day is his outfit for the day. Everytime he puts it on, he declares it's so much better than a tux. It's no Hawaiin shirt, but he's still really happy about it.
When Mr. Newport first decided to go with navy blazers and khakis, we both knew it could get pricey, but we wanted to make sure it would not cost the groomsmen more than a tux rental. So I did quite a bit of research. I found Menswearhouse often has sales like buy one get one half off, or buy one get one free. At one point, I even saw a navy blazer on clearance, so we went to our local MW to look for the suits.

When we went in, I told the salesman we wanted to find navy blazers around $100. He said he wasn't sure it was do-able, but I told him about the jacket I had seen on clearance on their website. He then remembered the jacket (make sure to do some research before talking to sales people) and it turned out to be the only one in the price range we were looking for. Mr. Newport tried it on and said "I like it", and that was it. We found the blazer. At the time, they were on clearance for $109.00 each, but it was also buy one get one half off. So Mr. Newport got all of his groomsmen's sizes and placed the order.

A week or two later, we went with Newport Dad to the same store to pick out his outfit. We checked the status of the order, only to find out they had lost it and the order had never been placed. I had a mini heart attack, since we were told about two weeks ago, the jackets would be hard to find since they are on clearance and need to be found and ordered from other locations. Plus, Mr. Newport didn't write down all the sizes, so he had to chase down the sizes for a second time.

Luckily, Menswearhouse's mistake turned out to be a good thing. The sale at the time of our second order was still the same clearance price, but jackets were now Buy One, Get One Free! The jackets should be about $55.00 per groomsman!

The pants we found are $29.99. We told the guys to wear a white collared button down shirt and brown shoes, which we hope most will have. So if they already have the basics, it should only cost them $85.00. Since Mr. Newport spent around $175.00 on his last tux rental, I was really happy with the outcome.

Did you find any great deals for your wedding party?

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