Saturday, October 9, 2010

To Top or not to Top?

I've been going back and forth for months now on whether we should go with our original topper, Lladro's The Happiest Day, or purchase the one I found online, below. The True Romance People Topper reminds me of our engagement, but I'm just so in love with the Lladro piece Newport Mom gave us for our engagement gift.
Mr. Newport has been dead set on having the people on top of the cake, but after seeing this set up below, I'm warming up to the idea of putting the topper to the side. Mr. Newport will still get his people (albeit not on top of the cake) and I'll still be able to use the Lladro piece from Newport Mom. It's not exatcly what we want, but it could work.

What do you think, should we get the True Romance Topper, so we can actually have a "people topper" on our cake, or stick with the Lladro and place it to the side?

1 comment:

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