Monday, October 11, 2010

DIY Escort Cards

As I mentioned before, we decided early on we wanted to have starfish escort cards. I had seen quite a few on the internet and thought nothing could be more perfect for our theme.

It seemed like such an easy project, and it really was, but it was so time intensive. I originally planned to print off the names and table numbers for each guest, but I decided I wanted a navy card with white writing, so I decided to write out each card. I now understand why calligraphy is so expensive. It takes forever! I'm no pro, so maybe that was the issue, but it took so long to write out each name and they are far from perfect. I can't even imagine how calligraphers do it and make them look so perfect. After weeks of writing out names a little at a time on my lunch breaks and while watching tv, it was time to add the table numbers. I didn't like the idea of having them on the front, it looked too cluttered and messy, so I decided to emboss the numbers on the back of each card. Luckily Sister Newport did this part for me. She's become a pro-embosser after all of her wedding embossing last year.
Once the cards had their numbers it was time to assemble. This was really the easy part. I have a craft tray and set up a little station. I punched a whole in each card. Then Newport Mom cut pieces of ribbon, strung a piece of ribbon through the card and tied on the starfish.
The biggest issue with these was finding a tray to hold them in. I couldn't find the right size in any store, so Newport Dad stepped in and made it for me. I gave him an explanation of what I was looking for and a few measurements and he built us our tray and painted it white, so the navy will really stand out. Once it's at the wedding, it will look a little different, since we are adding sand and the cards will be sitting upright.

Did you create your own escort cards? Did you have a lot of help?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Love it! I'm sure it looked so nice at your wedding! I can't wait to see a picture!

We're also doing the finger starfish escort cards.. I found two trays at TJ Maxx I'm hoping will fit all of them! :) I love the starfish, sand doller, and shell escort card ideas.. so so cute.

Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this in action at your wedding! :)