Friday, October 29, 2010

Mama's Song

Over the past two years of planning and even beyond, Newport Mom has been amazing. When Mr. Newport and I moved home to Boston, she let us live with her (for what ended up being three years) to save for the wedding and our first home. She bought me my first bridal magazine subscription- before we were even engaged. She, along with the other parents, contributed financially to help make our dream wedding possible.

a planning trip to Newport

To say she "helped" make our dream wedding come to life would be an understatement. She was by my side through pretty much every vendor appointment, diy project and added fun events along the way.

another planning trip in Rhode Island- we stopped at a vineyard on the way to our tasting

I didn't do a mother-daughter dance at the wedding, but about a week before the wedding I heard Carrie Underwood's song, Mama's Song. It got me pretty sentimental and reminded me of my relationship with Newport Mom.

Newport Mom has always been a bit protective of me. I'm her youngest. I know it's always been important to her for me to find true happiness; she's never wanted me to settle.

Girl's weekend in Kennebunkport

Newport Mom and Sister Newport always had a song (2 actually), and we never had any. As soon as I heard this song, I knew I found it. It just really represents our relationship and Mr. Newport. She adores Mr. Newport- which is good since we all lived together for three years!

At the Boston Shower

Since I'm the youngest, I think it was hard for Newport Mom to see me get married and grow up. It's kind of like a chapter closing. My favorite part of the song is when Carrie says, "Mama there's no way you'll ever lose me. Giving me away is not good-bye." I know Newport Mom already knows that, but I love that part regardless.

Picking out the cake flavors

The week leading up to the wedding, I gave Newport Mom the new Carrie Underwood C.D. and told her to play our new song. She loved it.

Was your mother a significant part of your planning process? Did you let her know how much it meant to you in a special way?