Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I have an irrational fear that it is going to rain on our wedding day. If it ends up being sunny and beautiful, I'll be ecstatic, but until the wedding day comes, I'm certain it will be gloomy and rainy.
There is some thought behind this. Back in 2002 when I went to visit Salve for the first time, it rained. When I went back for my second time before accepting, it rained. When I went to freshman orientation, it rained. Then Mr. Newport and I lived there for four years, some days it rained, some days it didn't. Flash foward to 2008, Mr. Newport and I headed to Newport and Mr. Newport proposed, it rained while we were there. I've had many rainy experiences in Newport.

I've decided if it has to rain on our wedding day, at least I'll be prepared. Although I'm not a fan of rainy wedding days, I am a fan of cute umbrellas for the wedding party.

The weekend Mr. Newport proposed, we stopped by the Salve bookstore and I picked up an oversized Salve umbrella for our wedding day, just in case. Somewhat similar to the umbrella the couple is using above. Then, on a recent shopping spree, I found some cute umbrellas for the bridal party.
If we're going to be wed in the rain, at least we'll do it in style.
Did you make any special preperations in case of rain on your wedding day?


SG to SP said...

It did end up raining on my wedding day but fortunatley my photographers brought a cute pink umbrella so that we could still take pics outside and the umbrella pics ended up being some of my favorites!

Nicole-Lynn said...

The umbrellas are going to look great if it rains, but I will be hoping it doesn't so you can have a beautiful day/weather for your wedding :)

Our ceremony is outside but everything will be completely covered. I'm hoping it doesn't rain too hard so if it does then we can still have it outside.. but if it does then we have a plan B inside. I'll plan to bring some fun umbrellas as well! :)