Monday, December 28, 2009

Save the Dates: DIY Inspired

When we first got engaged, I just assumed we would be getting professionally made save the dates. I had found some really great options that I loved. Then entered Weddingbee. I started seeing so many amazing diy options and I fell in love. Sure professional save the dates are gorgeous and easy, but I wanted something super personal and I thought, hey I can do that! After seeing a bunch of fun hand made options.

Some of the options inspired me, and to be honest, some, like Mrs. Duckling's save the dates, intimidated me. I'm in love with her save the dates!
I started reading the posts under the save the date tag on Weddingbee. I was inspired by all the creativity, but even more excited that there were step by step instructions in many posts as well!

I was in love with all the creativity. It was a little overwhelming at first! I decided I needed to narrow down my favorites and find some real inspiration for ours.

I kept coming back to Mrs. Taffy's save the dates. One of my favorite things about her wedding is the consistency. I love the design theme she chose and the way it was wove throughout her entire wedding. Every detail fit in perfectly! Her save the dates were no exception. I love that her guests were given a glimpse of the style and colors.
Mrs. Corn's save the dates were another favorite. They look clean, classic, simple and undeniably Newport. I've been in love with her wedding from the beginning. After googling Newport weddings, I came across Mrs. Corn, who led me to Weddingbee. .
When I saw Mrs. Cheese's all I could think was SO FUN! They remind me of Mr. Newport. I want both of our personalities to come though in our save the dates, and he's so fun loving, that something like this would be perfect!
When I saw Mr.'s Lemonade's I was so inspired by all the details that went into it. I love how she incorporated a magent, a photo, envelope liners, all the information in a beautiful font, and I especially loved it because of the color scheme! So, now that we have all this inspiration, what to do? You'll have to wait and see!

Did you make your own save the dates or did you look to the professionals? Were you inspired by others?


Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Same as you, I originally planned to purchase something for the STD. However, I came across a photo on Martha Stewart's weddings that inspired me to incorporate her idea into something I did myself. I cheated a bit by asking my creative scrapbooking sis to come up with the basic design. She came up with a cute little poem (Stacey & John are tying the knot, to join their lives they cannot wait...they'd love for you to share in their joy, so stick these on your calendar and Save the Date). I told her what fonts to use and what colors (in the scheme of the wedding) and then we added in some pics from our e-pic session. I found some cardstock at and printed them up. They included three little stickers across the middle that the guests could peel off and put on calendars, dayplanners, etc. Something different and useful to truly help them remember! Samples are over on my blog :) Can't wait to see what you create!

Nicole-Lynn said...

I loved the first one you have featured as well! So cute. I have went back and forth on different ideas, but I think we'll steer clear from the magnets. We are going to do postcards and I have won a couple pre made designs from some Etsy shops that I can work with after we get our beach engagement pictures done this spring. Looking forward to starting on it and getting them mailed! :) Looking forward to seeing what you came up with!

honey my heart said...

i didn't make my own save the dates (ordered maps) but did do envelope liners to sort of match the color scheme. i like the inspiration that you chose and can't wait to see them.

Aylee Bits said...

I'm doing all my stationery. Our save-the-dates are simple and quite modern to fit the feel of the wedding and the venue. I also added a sailboat for the sorta nautical theme we're having - Can't wait to see yours!

Karen :) said...

Ooooh these are cute! We didn't do save the dates since our wedding was soon and local, but I absolutely love some of the ideas I've seen. Good to be back in blogworld and catching up on your planning Newport Bride!! :D

Newport Nuptials said...

@AyleeBits, I love the nautical look!