Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Michael Sparks Keegan: Vendor Review

Sister and BIL Newport call most of their wedding vendors amazing. I asked them to grade them, quite a few were given A's. So they had some wedding super stars, but there was just something about Michael and Laura that really made them stand out.

They knew from the beginning that wedding photography was one of their top priorities. But, crazy enough they didn't spend a lot of time searching. Michael and Laura happened to be at the first bridal show Sister Newport and I went to. Sister Newport instantly clicked with them and fell in love with their work.

Laura was genuinely excited about showing their albums. She told us stories about each couple with passion in her voice. She felt truly connected to the couples she worked with. We saw one album with a photo that really stood out. There was a colorless photo, with the exception of the brides red shoes. Laura explained the bride really wanted to wear the red shoes, but her mom wasn't to excited about the idea. Michael and Laura knew this, so when it came time to editing, they made this photo especially for the bride. She ended up getting it for her mom as a gift, who loved it. I love that they knew the bride and her mom enough to come up with an idea like that and remembered it in the photo editing stage. It's such a great momento for the mother of the bride.
We ended up spending quite some time chatting with Michael and Laura. They were both so welcoming and comforting. We looked through all of their sample albums. They really stood out. I loved their creative angles. They also incorporated quotes and passages into the wedding albums set on top of photos. It was so unique. Newport mom loved them right away, she felt like they were people "you want to be friends with and hang out with". Sister Newport came home and checked out their website. It wasn't much longer before they booked (she did want to give BILN a chance to meet them).

As you can tell from all the re-caps and the shower photos, they truly are amazing. They went above and beyond. I don't know how many photos were guaranteed in their contract, but they went way over. They ended up editing over 1,600 photos- and in a short period of time!

The day of the wedding was truly enhanced because of them. They created so many fun experiences during the "photo shoot". How many brides can say they were atop a fire truck on their wedding day? Their excitement for the photos was infectious. They came up with great ideas, got the wedding party and bride and groom excited, and amazing photos were the result.
Michael is the main photographer, and from what I could tell, he's more behind the scenes. He was really down to earth. He came up with great ideas, but Laura seemed to be the one to get everyone excited about them. They are a husband and wife team who work so well together. They really complement each other.

They went above and beyond on the wedding day, and I still stare at their amazing work every day. I can't wait to see what they do for Sister and BIL Newport's wedding album!

* All photos taken by the amazing duo of Michael Sparks Keegan photography.

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