Thursday, April 2, 2009

DJ Experience - Part 1

Wednesday, we met with the first DJ., Victor from Party Time. We were refered to him through David Bibeault, our wedding photographer. We had a great experience.

First off, we showed up really early due to my poor planning and waited in the car for about 15 minutes, since we had a late appointment and he was coming from his house back to the office to accomodate us. Well, sitting in the car for that time threw Mr. Newport off and when Victor showed up, Mr. Newport got out of the car and locked in the keys! Typical Mr. Newport, but I still love him.

So not a great start to the meeting, but Victor instantly turned it around, within 5 minutes, he had someone there and got the keys out of the car for us. Then the real meeting began. He started off by explaining that he would do a lot of talking, but assured me he wouldn't talk this much on the wedding day, if we choose to book. He saw my list and told me he would probably answer most of the questions on my three page list before I even ask.

He was right. He was so comprehensive and went over every detail you would need to know prior to booking a vendor. I was impressed. I am super detail oriented and appreciate that characteristic in others, especially others who may be working on my wedding.

He told us of past experiences and ways he has personalized weddings for others and as he spoke of one wedding, I literally had chills. This is the kind of guy you want representing you on your first day as an official family. I really would have loved to book him on the spot, but he is the highest in our price range, so I am forcing myself to look at others, although I think he'd be worth every penny.

We actually went in hoping we wouldn't like him as much because the others are little less and thought it would save some money. I'm pretty sure this won't be the case. We have three meetings to go and he has set the bar really high. I'm interested to see how the others compare.

Was anyone else really wowed by a wedding vendor during a meeting? What made him/her stand out above the rest?


LauraAnn said...

Wow! That is awesome! I am betting that when it is all said and done you will always go back to this first seems like that it always how it goes. But even if he is a little more it sounds like he will definitely make your wedding memorable!

I felt the same way about our florist. He just blew me away the very first meeting so I booked him (I am not as patient....hehe).

Good luck with the rest of your vendor meetings!

Newport Nuptials said...

Thanks! I'm excited about him, but I still want to see whats out there! I did book our venue and photographer without seeign anyone else. Soemtimes you just really know!