Thursday, April 2, 2009

Honeymoon Possibility 2

Awhile into our engagement, Mr. Newport's aunt had offered her tiem share in Disney World for our honeymoon. It was perfect because she has it in October, right after our wedding.

Growing up, I always thought I would honeymoon in Disney World. My parents took me there for the first time at three years old. It was magical. And somehow, after all these still is. I'm not sure the first time I saw them, but at one point I saw a couple with the Mickey and Minnie wedding ears and I remember thinking, that is going to be me one day.
Well, here we are on our Spring Break trip in 2007, I was sure he was going to propose, but it didn't happen. We ended up still having one of the best trips ever.

I think most people think kids when they think Disney, but I have grown to appreciate it more and more each time I go. It was magical at three because I thought all the characters were real. As a child, it's one big fantasy coming alive right in front of you.

As an adult, it brings back those happy childhood memories (even if you didn't go as a child). You get to be a kid again. I somehow feel pure happiness, everytime I walk through the gates of the Magic Kingdom. Who wouldn't want pure happiness on their honeymoon?
One of the fun things about Disney is their wish to make you have a "magical day". They do everything possible to make your stay better. Both times we have gone, it has been on our dating anniversary in March. When the hotel found out it was our anniversary, we were given an anniversary button by the concierge, and told to wear it everywhere for special perks.

Well on the day of our anniversary, we came back from the parks mid-day to an anniversary balloon and a card from Mickey and Minnie themselves, and yes, this made me very excited as a full grown adult.
When we went out to dinner at Tony's Town Square in the Magic Kingdom, we arrived at our table to Mickey confetti and streamers, when our dessert came we had a splendid rendition of Bella Notte from many restaraunt goers and staff. Mr. Newport was horrified and I soaked it all in. I love the special touches Disney provides to make your special day that much more special. There are also many opportunities to provide a special night for yourselves in a more private way.

We stayed at the Polynesian for our second trip together. It is a little smaller than the other hotels, which makes it more intimate. We spent a couple nights on the Polynesian's beach by ourselves overlooking the Magic Kingdom.

We found our own little spot and claimed it as ours each night. A little hammock out of the way from the rest of the hotel stayers. We sat in the dark, looking at the stars, until we noticed the water parade! I saw it as a kid and forgot all about it, until one night while we were star gazing and happend to be in the right place at the right time.
Laying on the hammock, we watched as the water parade strolled by and then stayed on to watch the fireworks. The Polynesian has a great view of the Magic Kingdom's firework shows, virtually unobstructed.

Mr. Newport gave the show a thumbs up!
We have been there two times together and they were both amazing trips filled with fun, entertainment and really great food.
Unfortunately, Mr. Newport will not have accrued enough time at work for us to take a honemyoon the month of our wedding, so we had to decline his aunt's generous gift.
Have you ever been to Disney? What is your favorite Disney memory?


LauraAnn said...

YAY for Disney! We are going to Disney World for our honeymoon at the end of August and I cannot wait!

Future hubby and I feel the same way about this day it still gives us that giddy, magical feeling. So since the wedding will be the happiest day of our lives leading up to this point why not go to the happiest place on earth for our honeymoon!?

AmyJean said...

I've never been to disney world but it looks like a great time :)

Joanna said...

Aw I love Disney! My fiance has never been...always want to go and take him down there. I used to go every year with my family, and I watched that same light show over at the Grand Floridian...ah those were the days! :) I miss the magical land of Disney...

honey my heart said...

i love disneyland and would love to visit disneyworld! space mountain, tea cups, pirates are the best :)

Jessie said...

Oh I LOVE Disney World. I have been to the one in Paris and last year we did go to the one in San Diego. I wanna go aagaiiiiin. :-)

Newport Nuptials said...

Ooo LauaraAnn you'll have so much fun!!!

@ Jessie I've never been to any of the other parks, I'd love to go to all of them! I especially would love to see the one in Paris!

Old Fashioned. New Fangled. said...

I randomly came across your blog and this post from another site. My fiance and I got engaged at that spot that you guys watched the fireworks on the hammock. Small world :)