Saturday, April 11, 2009

Booking the Church

I booked the church without ever actually stepping foot inside. A little out of character for me. I typically research up a storm on everything wedding related. The weekend after making it official, I just had to go and see it. Partially to ease my mind, so I'd have no worries. So, the following Sunday after booking, I had two of my bridesmaids come on a mini road trip to Newport..... to go to church.

I had seen bridesmaid 1, the week before and told her about it. The other bridesmaid, I sent a text asking if she wanted to go to Newport, she of course said yes. The night before leaving, I sent them both a text saying mass will be at 10:30, let's leave by 8:45. bridesmaid 2, sent a text back so confused... "mass?" Whooops! Forgot to give that detail. Luckily once I explained, she was happy to go. So the three of us headed to Newport, RI to attend Sunday mass. We figured it couldn't be more than an hour and we'd meet up with another friend in town.
Well, it seemed to have slipped my mind that we were going on Palm Sunday. As Catholics may know, this means there are more rituals during the mass, which means more time. So we sat through a lovely mass, which happend to be longer than expected. This makes me love my bridesmaids even more, they come to mass with me during the planning, not just the "fun" stuff, but the stuff that is really important to me.

We left mass and all agreed it was beautiful. The three of us went to the same Catholic school growing up and have pretty much attended the same church all of our lives. This church has a different set up than ours at home, but we all really liked it. There are multiple lights over the alter that give a beautiful glow. There are multiple aisles, which gives more access to each row, and more front row seats!

Mr. Newport asked me to take a picture, but I really didn't think it was appropriate to take photos during mass on Palm Sunday. So I did a little google search. Faith Dugan, from Rhode Island has a few amazing shots on her blog.

The church is very simple, but I think simplicity can be beautiful. I am so in love with our church! I can't wait to say I do to Mr. Newport. I sat through the mass amazed that this is where we were going to become husband and wife!

Have you had a momemt like this yet? Where you are overwhelmed by the significance of an element in planning that makes it seem so real?


Jenny.Lee said...

I agree the simplicity is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You are so right Miss Newport, simplicity can be beautiful. Especially with a church, it showcases the participants nicely, among other things.

May the rest of your week be wonderful!

Jen said...

Beautiful church :)

My ah-ha moment was when we were getting the tuxes...I'm not sure why it hit me, maybe seeing FI all dressed up...but that was definitely a "real" moment for me!