Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Floral Favorite

Other than Daffodils there aren't too many specific flowers I really love, other than hydrangeas. I love flowers in general, I think they are all pretty much beautiful, but the only two I tend to really love and favor are daffodils and hydrangeas. I know excalty where my love has come for both.

Daffodils were always planted in my front yard. I grew up picking them and bringing them in for my mom. Then when I went to college and was homesick, I was so comforted the next Spring when daffodils were in bloom all over down town Newport.
Hydrangeas have long been a favorite starting with summers spent on the Cape. Every summer my aunt and my neighbors would rent houses on the Cape. My family always headed north to Maine and New Hampshire, but somehow I'd sneak in to their family vacations on the Cape, too.
We stayed in Dennisport most years and I had never seen hydrangeas in Boston. I only saw them on the Cape. I started to associate hydrangeas with Cape Cod. It happened to be my favorite place growing up. Cape Cod meant friends and fun, every summer. Whenever I see hydrangeas, I have fond memories of our summer trips to Cape Cod.

Cape Cod is some what of an inspiration in our wedding planning. Newport is the main inspiration, but the Jersey Shore and Cape Cod tend to sneak into our inspiration and ideas once in awhile. It is hard not too, when I see certain nautical elements, it brings back memories of our other favorite beach towns.
Picking our focal flower was easy. I had it narrowed down to two options- daffodils or hydrangeas. We went with hydrangeas because they truly match our color scheme and the feel we want for the day. Hydrangeas remind me of Cape Cod, New England, the beach and many other things I love.
All photos from Flowers by Semia's website. Who I am hoping to set up an appointment with! I have seen her work in different publications and she has been recommended by many vendors.

Did you pick your flowers for sentimental reasons or do you just think they are pretty?


Jenny.Lee said...

I basically let my MIL take the lead with the flowers for our wedding. She knew what colors I liked and went from there. Something special she added were yellow roses. My Mom used to give me those on special occasions. Since she is no longer with us it served as a little reminder of her on my wedding day. My MIL had no idea which made the choice so much more special

littlesack said...

hydrangeas are sooo pretty! I was in a wedding this summer that had those in the bouqets- they dried really pretty as well.

The Cape House said...

I absolutely love hydrangeas and much for the same reason: the association with the Cape and Islands and all of those wonderful summer memories. Those are some beautiful weddings. I hope you find what you're looking for!

LauraAnn said...

I love hydrangeas! Not only are they big and beautiful but they are also a great budget saver!! We are mixing hydrangeas into our centerpieces and my bridesmaids will be carrying hydrangea/rose mix.

I am having lady slipper orchids in my bouquet (mixed with calla lilies) because they are so pretty and unique.

Joanna said...

LOVE LOVE Hydrangeas... I am having them too!

{The Perfect Palette} said...

i love those colors :)

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

Daffodils are beautiful! The flowers I wanted were out of season..