Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catholic Encounters

I have heard over and over again how complicated it is to get married in the Catholic Church. We somewhat experienced this, but realized over the weekend, it's probably only hard if you don't regularly attend church or are marrying outside your own church.

It literally took us months to find a church in RI that was willing to marry us. We had to agree that our hometown church would sign off on the paperwork, which we were worried about since we no longer attend on a regular basis. We kind of pushed this off for awhile. Then this weekend, we finally met with the pastor at my childhood parish.

He was so welcoming and friendly. I explaiend that I had attended the church growing up. He didn't really ask too many questions. He let us know he'd help with whatever we needed. All he asks is that we start attending regularly and stay for the entire mass. His biggest pet peeve is parishoners leaving after communion, which is about 2 minutes before the whole service ends. Thats a pretty small requirement after all the troubles we were expecting.

This weekend left us with a big sigh of relief. All we have left to do regarding the church is to sign up for and take pre-cana, then have the pastor write the letter to our church in RI, then we're all set. Things look like they are going to work out!

Did something end up being easier than you expected during your planning process?

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LauraAnn said...

Our pastor situation ended up being much easier than I originally thought (well, once we got through our ordeal). I figured we would have tons of counseling sessions but he told us he only wanted to meet 3 times and the last time we meet he just wants to discuss the logistics of the service. Simple enough!

Glad to hear that things went easier than expected!