Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Planning Interruption

My planning is going to be pretty non-existent for the next couple of months....mainly due to Sister Newport's wedding plans. One of the resons I had a two year engagement was to allow time for her planning too. It would have been too much if we had our weddings in the same year and boy were we right. Her planning is kicking into high gear with a few months left to go.

Since I won't have much to share related to my wedding, I'm planning on including lots of plans, inspiration and experiences from Sister Newport's!
So here's a little background:

Last year, for the first time, I was asked to be a bridesmaid. Not just any bridesmaid, but the Maid of Honor. I was beyond excited. I had never been part of a wedding party, although I had always loved the idea of it. I love planning parties, creating diy projects, and spending time with my friends. Being a bridesmaid has always seemed like a dream job to me.

Last year, when my sister's fiance popped the question. My wish to be part of a bridal party finally came true. I have spent the last year helping to plan the details, lend a listening ear, help with diy projects, choose music, visit venodrs and take part in all that a Maid of Honor should.
My sister is my best friend and helping with her plans has been so exciting and fun for the both of us. I wish we had started a log of how many hours we have spent together during the planning process. Now that there are only a few months left to the big day, our bonding moments are greatly increasing. I don't think a week goes by with out an appointment or project.

Just for some background, my sister and I are four years apart, although more than once we have been asked if we are twins. We are completely different, but have some things in common-one being crafting. We love being creative and trying new techniques. Right now we pretty much like to scrapbook and make cards, but I think wedding planning will push us to be more creative. We both love to plan, but in different ways. She is more of a planning manager, and I tend to be the detailed oriented one. Which is great, since she sees the big picture and I think of the little things.

Beyond our similarities, we are totally different which causes our ideas to clash often. She is a world traveler, and I'm the homebody. She is a shopaholic with fantastic taste, I can't figure out how to match my shirt and shoes. She is an avid sports fan, I'm more of a movie fanatic. She thinks with her head, I think with my heart. We are completely different, yet somehow have managed to become best friends.

With just a few months left, planning is starting to heat up and I can't wait to share all of our experiences with you!

Has anyone else had to take a major break in planning?

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