Monday, July 6, 2009

Sensational Centerpieces

One of the DIY projects I am most looking forward to is our centerpieces! We are going for a reception room that is romantic beach elegance. The room will be all white with hints of gold. Candles will give a soft glow. To illuminate the room, the centerpieces will be candles.

I have found so many inspiring photos on the web. I originally wanted one large hurricane vase, filled with a little sand, an off white candle, and a starfish. Something similar to the picture below.
Image from: Shore Chic

Then I saw the image below and thought I must add lots of votives around the main hurricane centerpiece.
Image from: Jennifer Dery

Then I saw this image and thought, I must add a few white shells at the base, with the sand. it seems like my centerpieces are ever evolving.

Image from:

Lastly, I saw Mrs. Lemon's amazing centerpieces, and it got me thinking, should I do clusters of candles? I realized at this point I had already bought the hurricane vases, so I had to let go of the idea of Mrs. Lemon's beautiful candle clusters.
Image from: Mrs. Lemon of Weddingbee

Are your centerpieces florals, candles or something completely unique? How did you decide what to do? Where do you get your inspiration?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Love them all! Thank you for the inspiration! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

AmyJean said...

I love those. The candles in clear vases with flowers... just beautiful. I love love love the way candles exude light!
Relentless Bride

LauraAnn said...

I love the second picture! Very romantic!

We are using flowers and then 6 votives spread around the table.

Jen said...

My favorite is that second picture - just stunning! I made all of my own centerpieces as well
This is them: Short Centerpieces and Tall Centerpieces

Joanna said...

All of these are gorgeous. I love ones with tons of candles, they are so pretty!

Newport Nuptials said...

@ Joanna: I love Miss Lemon's centerpieces too, if I had a bigger budget I'd splurge on more vases and candles, they are so gorgeous!