Thursday, July 30, 2009

DIY Thank You Cards

My sister and I both love to craft and make things super personal. With her job, she doesn't really have the time to do those fun projects most brides get to do. So as part of her shower gift, I decided that I'd make her Thank You cards that go with the theme of her shower.

I know she will be super busy around the time of her shower, but will want to get her thank yous out soon after. So they'll be ready to go. It will save her time from finding or making her own. I'm also excited to make them because she is the one who introduced me to card making. I have been a huge scrapbooker for years, but it wasn't until I was home for college break one year that she decided we should make all of our Christmas cards. After that holiday season, I was hooked. It's been a few years since we started and I was so excited to make these, because this is where my new crafting love came in to play- embossing!

  • Heat Embosser- $12.00 (approx.) with 40% coupon from A.C. Moore
  • Thank you stamp- $9.00 from PaperSource
  • White Ink- $3.60 at 40% off Sale at A.C. Moore
  • Glittery Embossing Powder- $3.95 from Paper Source
  • 3 packs A6 pool folded cards- $18.00 from Paper Source
  • 6 packs A6 pool envelopes- $21.00 from Paper Source
  • 3- 64 pack Adhesive Pearls- $10.50 from Paper Source
  • Silver Ink- $3.60 at 40% off Sale at A.C. Moore
  • Silver Embossing Powder- $3.95 from Papersource
  • White Printer Paper- $0, my mom gave it to me
  • Diamond rubber stamp- $0, I had this left over from projects for my engagement party, I think it goes for around $5/6 at A.C. Moore, I bought it for 40% off at the time
  • Scissors- $0 on hand
  • Pencil for tracing- $0 on hand

For 60 thank you cards, Grand Total: $85.60

Cost per card: $1.04

*There were also 15 extra cards, no envelopes since I didn't do the math right, which aren't included in the totals. I realized after making them, that the cards came in 25 packs (therefor 75 cards) and the envelopes in 10 packs (therefor 60). So after making them all, I realized she'll have about 13 extra, since I messed up on two.

I have to remind myself that these would cost significantly less, if I had the tools already. All future projects will be much cheaper, since I have the tools and the ink and embossing powder left over. Luckily my sister and I are the first of my friends to get married. These stamps and tools will be put to lots of good use!
Here they are boxed up and ready to be gifted:

Have you done any surprise craft projects for the bride to be, while you were a bridesmaid?


My Dream Ring said...

Those are so pretty and thoughtful!

AmyKristen said...

Those are ADORABLE. You are too wonderful! :) Thanks for sharing.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love them! You should totally open up shop through Etsy :)

Newport Nuptials said...

Thanks! :)