Friday, July 31, 2009

Emsbossing How-to

One of my favorite things about Wedding planning is all of the fun new DIY projects I get to take on. I never really thought of buying an embossing tool and wasn't much of a stamp person, until the wedding plnning began. Through Weddingbee, I have been introduced to Paper Source and have found so many cute stamps and inks, but I wanted to take it to the next level. Enter embossing. My new favorite form of crafting. I love it because I am already a scrapbooker and card maker, so embossing will really add more to projects I already love doing.

Step 1:
Using a slow drying ink, stamp your image onto the paper/surface.

Step 2:
Pour on the embossing powder. Make sure to do this right after applying the ink.

Tip: I just dumped it on, I used alot at a time because in the end, I just poured the excess back in the container to save for next time.
Step 3:
Remove excess embossing powder.

Tip: Make sure large excess areas are completely removed, especially when using colored or glittered powders. I had extra on a couple when I went to heat and they ended up staying on the paper.

Step 4:
Using a heat embossing tool, heat the powder. Make sure to have the tool about 2-3 inches away from the paper and do not over heat! I burned a couple papers that were either overheated or heated to closely causing a bit of smoke and singed paper.

Tip: Embossing tools sometimes smoke, which is common, according to the box of the tool I purchased.
Step 5:
Turn off the embossing tool! I tend to forget to turn things off, or just think I didn;t turn them off, like my straightner. Luckily heat embossers make a noise so it's a good reminder to turn it off. Once the tool is off let it cool before storing it.

I've become obsessed with embossing, what's your favorite craft?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Thanks! I was going to purchase an embosser so this helps me a lot :)

honey my heart said...

thanks for posting this how-to :) i would love to try embossing but am still afraid of using the tool.

Newport Nuptials said...

Honey my heart, don't be afraid to use it! It's so easy! :)