Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dressing for the Occassion

It's going to be a busy couple of weeks for the Newports! This upcoming weekend we are heading to the Jersey Shore for Shower #1. FMIL Newport is hosting a bridal shower for us at a beautiful water front restaurant. Then Shower #2 is the following week at a cute New England Inn, hosted by the Newport Bridesmaids and Newport Mom.

So what does a girl wear to a Jersey Shore Shower and a Boston Tea party? I've looked for weeks for white dresses, I have some crazy idea that I need to wear white to every wedding event, I thought this for our engageemnt party too and ended up in silver. Well after many shopping excursions, I only found one white dress, which I can't wear for both showers.

So here's what I've come up with. I love them both, but feel like the "rope dress" isn't bridal enough.

I love the back on this one!


Other than being white, I had one other thing that I wanted from the dress- I have to wear it again! Luckily, I love them both and they are perfect summer dresses that I can wear a lot over the next few months. I bet you can guess what dress goes with each shower!

Did you have trouble finding a dress you loved for your shower? Anyone else feel the need to wear white to everything?


Sara said...

Those dresses are so cute! You're going to look great at both! I thoroughly LOVE getting a new dress for each shower/party. Ann Taylor has been my go to girl as of late. I love "outfit posts" so thank you for sharing!

rosebarrett94 said...


Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh my goodness the first dress is so adorable! :) Both are really cute though! :) I've been looking for dresses for different wedding events too. I just got a J. Crew catalog in the mail and saw the cutest racerback dress but at a high cost :( I'm going to continue keeping my eye on it though as it may go on sale! :)

Your bridal shower and tea sound so fun :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

P.s. there is nothing wrong with wearing white to all wedding realted events.. this is like the one time you can wear it proudly! ;)