Monday, June 14, 2010

The Honeymoon

Our "honeymoon" has been ever evolving. Growing up, my dream honeymoon was Walt Disney World. As I got older I started to see beyond the mouse and considered tropical beaches and started thinking of various spots in the carribean or Hawaii, but Disney was still a choice. A while into our engagement, Newport Ant offered her time share in Disney World for our honeymoon. It was perfect because she has it in October, right after our wedding.
At the point of our engagement, Disney had been the only place we had gone on vacation together. The photo above is from Disney trip number 2 in 2007. We were beyond excited with Newport Ant's generous offer, but had to decline due to vacation time.
Mr. N started a new job recently and will not have acrrued enough time off by the time our wedding is here to really enjoy a honeymoon. We came up with a few options: take the honeymoon as unpaid, take a mini-moon, or skip the honeymoon completely.

We decided to do a mix of things. We are going to extend our stay in Newport to spend more time with our family, so it will sort of be a mini-moon. Then, at some point in 2011, when Mr. N has more time, we'll go on our "honeymoon". We don't know where, but that is the best part of this. One less thing to plan. Between wedding vendors, plumbers, and floor installers, we want to take a break from plans. Once we've settled into the house and said "I do", we'll have some time to plan a fun and relaxing vacation. We're already looking forward to it!

Has vacation time or a new job affected your honeymoon plans?

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute pics! :) I'm sorry he doesn't have enough vacation time but a mini moon, spending time with familly/friends after the wedding sounds great and of course a trip later on!

We haven't encountered anything that wouldn't enable us to have our honeymoon after the wedding yet.