Sunday, June 6, 2010


As wedding Season is coming up, I started thinking of all the weddings I've attended in the past. The past couple years have been a huge source of inspiration wedding wise. Mr. Newport and I have attended quite a few weddings. At each wedding, I find there is always something that sticks out to me. It could be a first dance, a new trend, a unique favor, the vibe of the wedding, the band, anything at all really.

After we got engaged, I found myself sort of judging weddings. Not in a negative way, but I became more intuned to those little details that really make a wedding unique. I found myself looking for these items and assesing what the most wonderful thing is about each wedding.

Last October, we attended Mr. Newport's childhood friend's wedding. We'll call him Mr. Villanova. Mr. Villanova. and his wife met in college. They held their ceremony at their alma mater's chapel. The ceremony was given by their college pastor. They had grown close with him, which made the wedding more personal. They truly made their wedding about their relationship. I felt like I really knew the couple by the end of the night. We heard their story during the ceremony. Their sibling's the maid of honor and best man, gave toasts that were so sweet and gave you such a special glimpse into their lives. We danced all night, with people I had just met. At the end of the night, they hosted an after party, at one of their favorite bars from college. We hung out with all the people who were there when they first met, in college. It was an amazing wedding. I felt nervous attending a wedding, in which I pretty much knew no one, but it ended up being one of the most amazing weddings I have attended. I love how personal everything felt. It wasn't about physical details, it was more about the atmosphere they created by including special places and special people.

At my cousin's wedding, we'll call him Mr. Foxboro, I left raving about his first dance. I've known my cousin for 25 years. Mr. Foxboro is not a dancer, but you would never know it that night. He and his wife had surprised everyone by taking dance lessons for their first dance. It was the sweetest first dance I had ever seen. In addition to their amazing first dance, they also had a mashed potato bar, which I thought was amazing! I love potatatoes, and I had never seen something like this before. It was a huge hit!

At a family friend's wedding, last summer, all of the guests were surprised when her brother in-law showed up halfway through dancing in an easter bunny costume. Apparently at each of his friend's and family member's weddings, he chooses a different costume to show up in. It made for some great photo opportunities, and must be a fun tradition for the people who know what's coming.

I love seeing unique traditions and coming across new trends. Other items that have stood out at recent weddings have been an amazing band, a candy bar, a hot apple cider station, signature drinks, photo booths, groom's cakes, and in general seeing couples who are truly in love.

I think it will be interesting to see how our wedding unfolds. I wonder what will stick out in our guest's minds.

Do you "judge" weddings now that you are engaged? What usually stands out to you?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Yes, after being engaged I do find myself "judging". I have been to a wedding where the food, music and drink were just really bad. And then the next wedding it was completely opposite, and it was one of the best weddings I've been too. I too wonder what our friends and family will think of our wedding and what aspects they like about it after we've been dating for over 8 years.. it will be 10 by the time we're married.

蕙帆ElmoAc said...

you always know the right thing to say!............................................................

Sara said...

I love getting ideas from other weddings and I appreciate it now more than I am engaged. The wedding I just went to in May was beautiful...perfect... and I remember thinking "thank you for proving to me that the center pieces don't matter" we had the most wonderful time and it was the Couples love and fun we all had that was the most impressive