Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Ring

Mr. Newport and I had talked about marriage numerous times before he proposed. He had given me a promise ring during our first year of dating, during college. We both knew we would get married, but wanted to finish college and start our careers before getting married.

Mr. Newport wanted to pick the ring out on his own. He tends to pick things out I would never buy for myself and end up loving. Most of the time, I actually like his taste in clothes and jewlery for me better than my own....99% of the time. My favorite coat and earrings were Christmas gifts from him, my favorite dress was a birthday gift. So when it came time to choose a ring, I knew he'd find something gorgeous.

That's not to say, I never showed him any rings I liked. If I had a magazine in front of me, I'd show him something I liked. I tended to show him halo rings. I noticed a pattern after while, and so I was surprised when he proposed with something completely different from anything I had shown him.

FMIL and FFIL Newport gave Mr. Newport the ring his father proposed to his mother with over thirty years ago. Mr. Newport was extremely grateful, but wanted to pick out something, so he decided he would use the center stone and choose a different setting.

The center stone is the original diamond, which is a circle solitare, with 4 smaller diamonds on either side, with an engraved design on either side of the band and tiny diamonds underneath each side of the main stone. It has a vitnage look. I hadn't looked at anything like it, but when he proposed with it, I knew it was my perfect ring.

And you can tell how much I love it, by our little photo shoot that weekend....
Did you have any say in the style of your engagement ring?


amber said...

I'd love to see shots that are more zoomed in!

I got to pick out my ring with my fiance :) It took a few weeks for it to be ready (we were scared I'd be heading back home to America before it would be ready!) but he got the call with a week to spare that it was ready. Two days later he proposed, and it was even prettier than the one we saw :)

Sara said...

cute pics!! I told Rob that I wanted sapphires in the ring similair to the one year anniversary ring he gave me. we looked at a few settings so he "got the idea of what i meant" and then he picked out the tacori setting and it is stunning! just what i wanted

羅文浩 said...

you two make a lovely couple............................................................