Friday, February 12, 2010

Cake Inspiration

When we were thinking about our wedding cake, we had two criteria, all white and simple.

After looking at numerous wedding magazines and blogs, I found many gorgeous and intricate cakes. I love cakes with texture and unique design elements, cakes with florals and fun shapes. But in the end we kept coming back to one particular cake.

I found a picture in the early planning stages in the Knot Boston Magazine. I was drawn to the wedding because the couple had a similar color scheme of blue and white and used hydrangeas. As I was reading the article, I saw the cake and I knew it was it. I held on to the photo in my wedding planning binder. Over the following year, I kept searching for other designs, but always ended up back with this one. We both love the simple design of the incresingly larger dots. We are skipping the flowers, as we both love the simplicity of the cake.

Were you indecisive about how to design your cake, or did you have a vision in mind all along?


Kristina said...

Gorgeous cake - it reminds me of strands of pearls. It would actually go well with my scheme too, as I think I'm having all the girls wear pearls. Our reception is at the Crowne and they make our cake, so I haven't had the opportunity to deal with an outside vendor. I hope they can achieve a design I really love!

honey my heart said...

such a great cake design! love how the dots cascade around the bottom of each tier and go from small to large.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very pretty!
We're planning to do a very simple white two or three tier cake with light blue ribbon around the tiers. Something very simple.