Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cake Tasting #2

Our second cake tasting was a huge let down. I had researched different bakers and had found one that was reasonably priced (actually the cheapest in our search). We were super excited about this tasting because it happened to be at one of our favorite bakeries in the Newport area. We had been there so many times for sandwiches, soups, and baked goods during our last two years at Salve. Even Newport Mom was excited as we had recently gone and bought apple cinnamon cupcakes that were amazing.

Newport Mom, Sister Newport and I ended up going on our own one day, as we had time to kill between other appointments and they had an opening to do a tasting.

We sat down with the cake consultant, and she brought out four options. We tried a chocolate with chocolate mousse filling, a vanilla with strawberries and cream filling, a vanilla with lemon filling, and a vanilla with vanilla frosting as the filling. Each of which were topped with vanilla frosting.

I liked them each on the first bite, but they were too sickeningly sweet, you couldn't have more than one bite. I happen to love super sweet desserts, so if I couldn't handle these, we knew the guests couldn't. Sister Newport and Newport Mom did not like them at all. They packaged up the leftovers and we brought them home for Mr. Newport to try.

He thought it tasted like bad cake mix from a box and also disliked the sweet frosting.

This vendor was our biggest let down, as we love them so much for their other items. The first vendor was a little pricey, this was a definite no, so we knew it was time to book an appointment or two more.

How many cake tastings did you go on before you found your favorite?


Nicole-Lynn said...

I'm sorry it didn't go as expected! Hopefully you'll find the right one soon :)

penga said...

oh, sorry it didn't work out! the picture looks tasty at least..hope you find the "just right" bakery soon!

Katie said...

Aw man that stinks! I'm sorry! apple cinnamon cupcake sounds absolutely delish...