Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Registry Favorite

When we first started registering, we weren't really feeling it. It's hard deciding what you need, when your living with your mom/MIL. No house/no apartment=no fun registering. We couldn't pick out anything with colors, because we have no idea what our future home will look like.

The one thing we knew we wanted for sure, was a nautical bedroom. When we first went to block hotels, I fell in love with the hotel's bedding and room decor. I pretty much want to steal their whole design. I love the two toned navy and white walls, and I love the simple bedding.

Here are a couple shots of one of the rooms at the Newport Hotel and Suites: And here is the set (Italian Percale, Marine by Hudson Park) we registered for at Bloomingdales:I love that our bedroom will remind us of our wedding weekend! Cheesy, I know.

Do any aspects of your home remind you of your wedding?


Aylee Bits said...

I love things nautical and I love this color!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very fun! I love the bedding and overall look! :) You can't go wrong with those clean, classic colors!
We love our wedding colors, sky blue, beige, and white and a lot of my home decor matches the colors already. We plan to still stay with those colors when we buy our first place (hopefully this year) so it will be nice to use some wedding decor in our home :)

Ghenet said...

Really nice! Nothing wrong with being reminded of your wedding day when you step into your bedroom!

Kiana said...

The set you registered for is much nicer than the hotel example! Nautical is so serene. The free lotion at our honeymoon hotel was ah-mazing and we stole a bunch of the little bottles lol - it always reminds us of that time and we're buying a real bottle off their site soon! Yep, cheesy!