Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cake Tastings #3 & 4

Dyane's Sweet Tooth in Cumberland had the best prices we found in RI. Cakes start at $2.75 a slice and go up in $.25 increments based on the design. The cake designs were amazing and the cake tasted good, too!
Mr. Newport and I tried chocolate cake, vanilla cake and white cake with a few different fillings. We both really liked the buttercream icing. The cakes were so moist and delicious. The chocolate was our favorite, which was surprising because we both usually prefer vanilla.
We liked that many of the cakes displayed had price per slice cards shown with the cake.
The only downside is the delivery fee. It is quite expensive to deliver a cake to Newport, since the bakery is close to an hour away. So it ended up almost evening out with the more expensive cake baker we tried in tasting number 1. He was offering a 10% discount and waiving a delivery fee, since the bakery is about 5 minutes from our venue. Despite the delivery fee, we left Dyane's Sweet Tooth as a close contender.

We moved on to tasting number 4. It was awful. I won't even mention the name of the bakery. We were given the name of this bakery as a recommendation from a couple we went to school with. They used the bakery for their wedding and gave high praises. We were really excited about this one, due to the recommendation.

We booked an appointment and drove close to an hour to get there. We arrived and were offered one slice of white cake with raspberry filling. Mr. Newport wasn't crazy about the flavor, he doesn't want fruit filling, and I wasn't crazy about the customer service. I was disappointed that we drove that far to try one option that we wouldn't have actually considered. I asked if we could try vanilla or chocolate cake or any other fillings, and he pretty much said, well if you want to try them, you can come back for another tasting, I'm all out.

If we had just walked in at the last minute, I would have completely understood, but we had called in advance. I found it completely unprofessional and we both agreed, we will not be considering that bakery for our wedding.

Did you come across any unprofessional vendors in your planning?


Katie said...

Wow...that last place sounds really stinky! I can't believe they would only have one option available for you to taste! That is ridiculous!!!

Genevieve said...

I wish we could pick out the flavors they want to try a head of time. Sorry you had a bad experience, especially since you drove so far. I wonder how they get any business with that kind of wedding tasting. I am glad I am not the only who has had a bad experience though.