Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Shoe Post

Good news! I found gorgeous shoes that are much cheaper than my dream pair! Bad news? They are still way over my budget.

Newport Mom recommended Zappos because they have a large selection and free shipping both ways. So if I find a few I like, I can order them, try them on and ship them back if they don't work out at no extra cost.

I did find a couple pairs I love, the Kate Spade Lora (below) and the Kate Spade Lover (2 down). They both go absolutely perfect with my dress. As much as I loved the Giuseppe Zannotti shoes, they wouldn't really mesh well with my dress. These on the other hand look like they were made for it.

These would more than blow the budget, but my birthday is coming up this month, so hint hint Mr. Newport! :) He actually never reads the blog, but Sister Newport does. So hint hint...maybe you want to tell Mr. Newport?

Did you have trouble finding the perfect shoe?