Friday, August 6, 2010

Bridesmaid Shoes

When it came to the Newport Girl's shoes, I knew I couldn't pick one style because heights and comforts vary between the girls. I'm personally not a fan of higher heels, but have a few girls that love them , and at least one other like me who likes low heels or no heels, so I don't think it would be possible to find one style of shoe that would make everyone happy.

Originally I wanted to find navy shoes, but I could't find the exact shade I like. I also didn't want to do dyeables, because I want the girls to have super cost friendly options.

I then decided to look for off white or cream shoes, which I didn't think would be hard in the spring and summer, but it was. I did find one or two options I liked in navy and cream, but I really want the girls to have a variety so they each are happy and comfortable with the sheos they wear.

Then one of the Newport Girls suggested gold. I really wanted to keep everything at the wedding to our navy and white color scheme, but in this case it just makes the most sense. Gold shoes are re-wearable and some girls may even already own a pair. Plus we are going into fall, which should make gold shoes pretty easy to find. So far, I've found lots of options online.

I sent out an e-mail with a link to different styles in the shade I like with a few requirements- heels, strappy, light gold. Each girl will get to pick out her own pair that hopefully she'll love and get to wear again. Here are a few of the examples I sent:
This shoe by Capparos on Piperlime is a great budget friendly option, currently on sale for $24.99. Piperlime also has free shipping and returns. I'm not crazy about the buckle, but I love the price and the rest of the shoe.

I love this Ralph Lauren option from Macy's. It has a classic look and is totally re-wearable.
I wore these Kelly & Katie heels from DSW to Sister Newport's wedding last year. I usually take heels off at weddings after a few songs, but these were so comfy, I kept them on the entire night. I bought them for $39.95, which I thought was great because I plan to wear them again.

Another Katie and Kelly option from DSW for the same price, but it has a higher heel. I thought some girls may prefer this, as most of the Newport Girls like higher heels than me.

Are your girls wearing the same shoe, or are you giving them options?


Anonymous said...

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Sara said...

my gals are wearing what ever shoe their little heart fancies. the match factor isn't a concern for me. I'd rather them be comfortable and wearing what they fell the best in.

Sara said...

disclaimer- i did say they had to be dress shoes. no crocks or other weird situations.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Those are all great options. I am letting the girls pick their shoes but have them all the same color. I have a couple taller bridesmaids so they'll probably opt for kitten heels.