Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mr. Traditional

I know I'm a traditional Girl (as much as you can be while being a liberal), but I never really knew how traditional Mr. newport was until we started planning our wedding. We've been dating for almost 7 years and he's always been a go with the flow kind of guy, but when it's come to our wedding, he's way more involved than I was expecting. I was thinking he'd say, "whatever you want" to pretty much everything, but I've been suprised to see that he has definite ideas about certain things.

For one, he does not want to see my dress before the wedding. We have it hanging in our house, mainly because I know he cares more about him not seeing it than I do. This also goes with the first look. It's something I'd consider if we didn't have a catholic gap between our ceremony and reception, he on the other hand would not have considered it at all. He wants to see me for the first time as I walk down the aisle. So we will be sleeping in different hotel rooms the night before, so he doesn't catch a glimpse of me on the wedding day until I walk down the aisle. He also really wants "people" cake toppers, because "you have to have them" (I'm not so sure about this).

Earlier this week I asked him about ceremony music, and he looked at me confused, like why do we need to discuss this? The Bride walks down to "Here comes the Bride"? I had to explain there are many more options, but I always envisioned walking to this, so the choice was pretty easy. We're still working on the rest of the ceremony.

After two years of planning, I've definitely come to see a different side of Mr. Newport. His usual "whatever makes you happy" attitude was replaced with, "but these are traditions" attitude. Not really what I was expecting. I just always assumed he followed traditions because I did, so it was fun to learn they are important to him, too. Although, if one of us is really opposed to a tradition like the garter toss, we say "whatever makes you happy", and skip the traditions that don't make sense for us.

Did you see another side of your fiance during the planning process?


Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh how funny! I was laughing at the people topper cake topper that he wanted! :) I think it's great he wants to wait to see you when walking down the aisle, my fiance wants the same and I consider him to be pretty traditional too.

My fiance has really caught me off guard... I didn't think he would care much or have too much involvement but he really wants a say in a lot! He's planning our honeymoon, and he even wants to do a surprise dance and not tell anyone lol. I think it's great though!

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