Monday, August 2, 2010

Shoe Love

Shoes haven't really been a priority on my wedding to-do list. I wear flip flops at the first sign of spring and wear them until the first sign of winter. When it came to shoes for the wedding, I kind of just assumed I'd wear flats or flip flops. Newport Mom and Sister Newport are the complete opposite of me with shoes, they love them, especially heels. They told me I have to wear heels. I said "we'll see".

When the dress came in, I tried it on's too long. I know I could get it hemmed, but my favorite part of the dress is the beautiful detail on the bottom (I would show this, but I'm keeping my dress a surprise until the wedding day). I can't bear cutting it off. So, Sister Newport and Newport Mom are getting their wish....I'll begrudgingly wear heels on our wedding day.

I've looked and looked for shoes, but nothing sparked my interest, until I browsed the Neiman Marcus website and found these amazing heels from Giuseppe Zanotti.

They are so gorgeous and would look so fun with a short after party dress! I absolutely love them. I thought for a second that I found my shoes.....until I saw the price tag and it's just not happening. Now I compare every shoe I find to these. This is a typical trait of mine. I find something I love, but completely out of my price range and fixate. It's the reason why I couldn't look at dresses at Priscilla of Boston and the reason I should have known to stay away from Neiman Marcus.

Now it's back to the search.

Any other brides who fixate on items out of your budget? What was the biggest disappointment?


Kristina said...

ahhh gorgeous shoes...if ONLY i could wear heels...i'll be doing flats.

yes, we fixated on our expensive photographer and compared everyone else to her until we said..enough, we need to book her! that was our splurge...i say go for it if you can swing it (i know it's only for a day) plus you'll feel better knowing you can wear them again and not just for the wedding!

Ms. Wedding Crasher said...


Nicole-Lynn said...

They're gorgeous! I'm very practical when it comes to the cost of things too! I also wear flip flops year round pretty much :) I say keep looking you'll find something that's within your budget, that you also love :)