Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Matching Maids


I love fun getting ready photos, especially ones where the bride and bridesmaids coordinate.
The Hive's Katiebirdbee
Our group is known to make matching shirts for lots of different events. We've done it for:

Sister Newport's bachelorette
my bachelorette Running of the Brides a food festival in Boston
A couple months into our engagement I bought some coordinating outfits for the morning of. We're all getting ready together in Newport Mom's suite, so it will be a fun touch and it'll look really cute in photos. I found an idea a little different than our standard t-shirts, but you'll just have to wait until after the wedding to see!
Are you wearing coordinating outfits with your bridesmaids on the morning of your wedding?

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Oh how fun. I loved Amy's turqouise fabric on the shirts for her girls.. she did such a great job on those. I also love the spa wraps... I am hoping to get one for myself to get ready in the day of. Ideally I'd like for us to all wear something but not sure if the girls will be up for that. I'll ask.. but I'm definitely DIY'ing some flip flops for all of us to wear!

Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for your girls...